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A Cowboy’s Silver Lining


Billy is a contract killer struggling with the splinters of his shattered mind. He builds a conscience and wants to get out of the business and out from under the thumb of his contractor.  Newly released from prison, he falls back into his former life and is haunted by the shadows of his past.

This page is dedicated to the archive of my first Feature Film, Rusted Sun Film’s production of A COWBOY’S SILVER LINING.

BACKGROUND:  IN 2003, Over 5 months worth of Saturdays & Sundays as well as  begging & borrowing everything we could get from friends (locations, food, cars, etc.) Rusted Sun Film accomplished a feat that most never dare attempt (and some never finish). The film was a low/no-budget production built on passion, friendship, and beer. Yes, all young filmmakers want to make a cerebral gangster action film, and at the age of 24… this is exactly what you get. There is some good, some bad, and a lot of learning through the process.  The picture was captured on the Canon GL-1 and GL-2, we boom-mic’d everything, used available lighting as well as the cheap-o pan lights you can purchase at the hardware store, and was run through post production in Sony Vegas. The script was adapted from a series of short stories written by Bevan B. Bell and Dave Hart  A previous youthful attempt at making these short stories into a 16mm film failed completion during the summer of 1996.  The script for A COWBOY’S SILVER LINING was re-written and tweaked over a period of 4 weeks into something darker, cerebral, and surreal bearing very little likeness from the original script and short stories. The film could not have been completed without all of the fantastic actors and crew pulling to see it complete. Behold, my overly ambitious and foolish first feature film! A list of cast and credits can be found at IMdB

We can also offer the Behind the Scenes: Making of A COWBOY’S SILVER LINING


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