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This page is dedicated to the archive of my second feature film, Rusted Sun Film’s DIVINE MANIPULATION OF THE THREADS (2006).

ABRAHAM ASHLEY is a small time con man with debts and baggage that he wishes to leave behind. Through a choice meeting, his luck is changed through a drunken conversation with an investment banker known as ‘THE GUITAR MAN.’ With Ash’s local connections, ‘POOCH’ and ‘MRS. MIFUNE’ the foursome set out to hijack $70 Million from a bank exchange that involves the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (Memphis Branch).
Several obstacles and old acquaintances stand in the way of the mismatched group of thieves’ ultimate goal. A former heist partner, TRACY ADAIR, and his muscle, KONG KONDITSIOTIS, have every intention of leeching onto the prize at any cost. IAN THE FIST and his steadfast bodyguards are also on the trail of Ash’s new gig and have every intention of collecting the fees of an overdue loan. Through a colorful cast of additional characters including pulp names such as STONE FREE JOEY, THE DUKE OF EARLE, PRINCE PAUL, and MARGARET THE TROPHY WIFE the story weaves a clever tale of comedy and gangster scare tactics exposing how something so impossible could be pulled off by a collective group of idiots.

DIVINE MANIPULATION OF THE THREADis Rusted Sun Films’ second feature length film.  The idea for the film was born from a conversation between the writer Bevan B. Bell and a close friend.  The idea of a “Heist Film” seemed an appealing change of genre for the “boys” at RSF to tackle.  In three weeks worth of evenings, the first draft of the film had been completed and shopped to Anthony Howald and Brad Alsobrook.  They loved the idea and loved even more that this script, in comparison to “COWBOY” was a little easier for the reader to grasp.  Laughter ensued. That laughter carried along to the physical production of the film.  The original feel of the script came across as a super-cool caper, with underground characters, a great sense of comedic timing, and a low-to-no-budget approach.  However, as soon as the crew started to film the initial scenes, the film quickly took the form of a full blown comedic effort… never turning away from a laugh.  The niche was found.The production took approximately 25 days worth of weekends and “free time.”  The idea that a great film could be made “locally” with no real budget, no-name actors, and genuine dedication is the foundation on which the film was made and finally completed.  The film spans various public settings from one season to the next, attempting to attract the audiences attention to the fantastic performances held within the film and not the colored change of season.  It was the cast and crew’s dedication to the project and their ultimate support of their vision that made this film possible.  A fantastic feature film can be shot on spare time and no-budget… just not quickly… or easily. The film runs approximately 93 minutes and is accompanied by a 35 minute “making of” documentary that includes interviews with the cast and handfuls of bloopers.  From viewing the film and it’s additional material, one can easily take away from it that those involved with the film had a blast making it.  DIVINE MANIPULATION OF THE THREADS was filmed in Memphis, Tennessee and it’s surrounding areas during 2005 and 2006.  A Full list of cast and crew can be found on IMdB

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