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Testing, troubleshooting, and whitecaps


I’m having a little difficulty following through on a Monday morning. It would appear that without the connection of the internet I no longer know how to communicate or get anything done.  The massive irony is that it takes the magic of the internet to be able to post all of this otherworldly nonsense, therefore this post must be the work of dark wizards or perhaps some sort of secret society set out to make Matt Damon’s life a boring hell (or perhaps just throw enough shit on a wall to drip into something called Ocean’s 14).   Wait!  That could very well be the dastardly plot behind this recent outage… Damn you Danny Ocean, you handsome and clever bastard. In any case, I’ll have to continue to thumb and dumb through all of this editing, creating, and pseudo depression to see what actually happens when you hit save.  After all, this is only a test… or perhaps part of the plan… or some fantastic ingenuity on Google’s part.  Hell, in 2 months I’ll need a job anyway so that Ocean’s 14 script is looking Pretty good.


Faster Than The Pony Express