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Bevan’s Annual Mix: Best of 2018

It’s that time of year again, kiddos – and believe you me, as 2018 has gone to prove true time and time again, I barely pulled this one together.  If you’re new to this game, every year I put out a “best of” music mix from my personal finds, purchases, and downloads from around the […]

Pacifica, CA (reprise)

There is an ongoing debate amongst the liberal-California gun-control, pro-choice, pro-LGBT, anti-fascist, West Coast elite; who rocks the 21st-Century “caulk” more, NorCal or SoCal?  It’s a debate that may never get settled, because we’re so hella-righteous that perfection is hard to accept. I’ve done both. I’ve spent long years withering away priceless youth and perspective […]

Seven days to live my life or Seven ways to die

For those of you that know me personally, it should come as no surprise that I lean a bit on the dark side of the street.  I find my common ground in the hallows of art and artists that speak directly to the cracked and broken portions of my soul that life has left exposed […]

Annual Year End’r “Best of” music thing for 2015. Meh

I’d like to think that at some point I had a grand plan for this end-of-the-year annual blathering about the music I bought, found, and enjoyed for the year 2015.  This year’s project was pretty lame, slim pickings for me. That’s not to say that there wasn’t a fair amount of great music released, shared, […]

Hello, Suburbs (Los Angeles: Fall. Year 4)

  Decisions were made.  Be they partially out of fear or finally accepting the facts that are readily known, decisions were made.  The last few strands of forever-young are lightly hanging onto the ideas of old, however, the gray hairs and weathered eyes clearly tell a different story in the making.  Suburbia glows in the […]

Bell Family Video Christmas Card 2014 (and a gift).

Happy Holidays Everyone.  Like most of you, we’ve had an extremely busy, challenging, and somewhat exhausting calendar year.  Outside of the “day job” (whatever mixed bag of cats that may bring) we pulled together a lot of personal projects.  Some you’ve seen, some are yet to be pushed to the public.  Thank you for all […]

Christmas Came Early: A 2013 Year End Review.

Any of you that know me well enough to call me a friend or have been invited into my home to witness the staggering wall of Compact Discs and Vinyl I’ve amassed over the years, it would be fairly easy to jump to the conclusion that I have a maniacal passion for music; Perhaps venturing […]

That Old American Disillusion

Years slide by with reckless abandon. I find another year has dissolved in the smog of fighting the clock in the concrete jungle I now call home. We traveled 3000 miles to be with family for the holidays. It’s the old Planes, Trains, and Automobiles gag (with the exception that we have yet need to […]

Los Angeles: Year Two

For our rambling adventures in life, love, and the pursuit of happiness in Los Angeles  – we hit the official two year mark this week, April 22nd 2013 (to be precise).  I’m not quite sure why I distinctly remember the date as in my grey days I have a tendency to gloss over and forget […]

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