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Adding Humans to the Computer Network.

As the days go by and I begin to amass some sort of form and function to these pages of varied talents, the strands of spaghetti wisdom will form pillars – and those pillars will hold aloft plateaus of fantastic unknowns. Then it will rain, and we all go tumbling down.  But do not fear, young ones, the spaghetti will be soft and break the fall.  So… prepare your forks and behold the glory of photo meat.

No, dammit.  None of it makes sense.  Just look at the photos and show your mom how proud you are of all of these portraits captured and fueled by hallucinogenic nights.  And never never never try to build things out of spaghetti.  You’ll attract raccoons, homeless people, and vegetarian vampires… and they carry all sorts of nasty things

Faster Than The Pony Express