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The American Daydream…

What was it? What is this strange invisible fragment of faith, devotion, and drive that we put so much damned stock in? It’s nothing to do with the growing fervent of mass religion or birth-placement in the throes of modern society. You don’t have to follow some strict path down a pre-determined line only available […]

I love Chicken and the Separation of Powers

Well, we’ve hit the long stride of a poisonous political season once again.  All of the Left and Right Wings beat and flap so hard that they end up broken. Opinions are televised and spread around the world as though they were actually well researched,  fact-checked Journalism.  (It’s all spin bullshit by the way).  Journalism […]

Year Two: I Heart California

When I first told my friends and family that I was leaving San Francisco to give the wilde and worrisome land of Los Angeles the ‘ol college try, the majority of them raised more than a concerned eyebrow – perhaps considering that I was 34 and well past the foolish throes of college spontaneity.  There were […]

Year One: 10 Months down the line

It took quite a while (or more than my liking) to really get things rolling on this ramshackle move to Los Angeles. The wife and I have had our scraped knees and time to heal, but you never really know when you’re going to be able to stand up long enough to get a good […]

Year One: The Best of 2011 (and some free music)

The end of the year approaches, therefore I feel obliged to put down a few scrambled thoughts and oversights in scrape-knee’d confusion.  Much like birthdays, the end of another calendar year serves as a time of reflection; a milestone of success and/or failure and/or the pains and pleasures of life and/or lack thereof.  It’s a […]

Year One: It’s Christmas Time… and I want to kill Paul McCartney

It’s that wonderfully awful time of year when (once again) we over-eat, over-spend, overwhelm, and overcome the regularly mundane throes of humanity.  Wars are waged over the birth of this Holiday, I hope you realize.  Therefore it should be no big surprise when the family gathers from near and far to feast, drink, shower each […]

Year One: The Wild Days of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, I find, is one of those interesting Holidays soaked in lore, legend, and some excuse to bring the band back together, stuff their faces full of meats, green beans, mashed potatoes, sweat potatoes, pies, meat pies, and (not ironically) stuffing.  I’ve also found that it’s a typically American holiday seeing as how one of […]

Year ONE: September, Remaster of the Universe

DON’T PLAY NO GAME THAT I CAN’T WIN ROOT DOWN (B3 MONEY REMIX) The end of August’s heat (though it’s not quite left us and is being quite stubborn in making it’s exit) and the beginning of September’s cool trip into fall (pun intended) has made a busy little bee (van) out of this otherwise […]

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